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Heating Your Bathroom

Heating your bathroom in the cooler months

There’s nothing quite like having a warm and cosy bathroom during the cold winter months, it’s like stepping into a giant hug. We have some fantastic ideas on how you can warm up your bathroom – and you’ll be surprised at how effective they are!


Setting the environment

If you are building or renovating a bathroom and live somewhere cool, consider using a warm colour palette when painting and decorating the room. Letting in plenty of light, such as a large window or sunlight will let the sunshine come into the room early in the morning.


Heat lamps

A common and cost effective way to bring heat into the bathroom that can be installed during a renovation is a heat lamp. They deliver intense heat from above and usually come in a heating, lighting and extraction fan combo.


Under-floor heating

If minimalistic is your style and you would prefer the ‘magic’ to happen where you can’t see it, then under-floor heating might just be for you. A heated floor needs to be installed before the floor finish goes down so these are options that cannot be retrofitted. Under-floor heating uses either an electric or water system to gently heat the floor which then warms the entire room.


Heated towel rails

For a touch of spa luxury, consider installing heated towel rails. They not only keep your towels fluffy, warm, and soft but can also warm the entire room and help keep mould and mildew away from your towels. Rapidly gaining popularity in domestic homes, today’s heated towel rails have an elegant look and are available free standing or wall mounted and come in a wide range of configurations.


If your bathroom could do with some extra warming, call or email us for a chat. At Chic Bathroom Designs, we offer a personalised service and work closely with our clients throughout the design stage to ensure we create the best space for you.

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